5. August 2011

BLOCKADO Desert is Game of the Day on Bild.de App-Center.
  5. August 2011

The GamesCom in Cologne is coming up and we will be there. (www.gamescom-cologne.com) If you would like to meet us in Cologne, send an email to kontakt@bitfield.de
  1. Juli 2011

BLOCKADO Desert, the second part of our BLOCKADO puzzle games series, is now available in the iPhone App store!
  20. June 2011

BLOCKADO Jungle is available in the iPhone App store now! Check out the gameplay video, visit BLOCKADO on facebook or get the game right now.
  14. February 2011

We will be at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco February 29 through March 4 2011. We will also take part in the Game Connection event during the show. If you want to meet us there, just send an email to contact@bitfield.de
  10. January 2011

Giana Sisters DS is coming to North America! U.S.-based publishing company Destineer has aquired the rights to the award-winning game and is going to release it in the near future. Giana Sisters DS is already available in Europe and Australia since 2009.
  10. January 2011

"Angry Business Man" is a fun, fast-paced action game and available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch now. The game is the result of a cooperation between Bitfield and other committed developers from Berlin. Don't miss out! Angry Business Man on the App Store
  4. November 2010

Know How 2 for Nintendo DS and DSi is now available in stores in Germany. DSi owners enjoy additional features - for instance, using the DSi camera you can receive new puzzles by scanning special "puzzle codes" that are published on the internet.
  25. August 2010

We are offering a new middleware solution now: BitPackerDS can compresses Nintendo DS and DSi games with only very little extra work for the developer. This saves production costs since you can use less expensive cartridges, makes a game small enough for online distribution in the DSiWare shop or simply makes room for more game content. Licensed DS developers and publishers can request a free evaluation version at Warioworld.com, Nintendo's official developer support site.
  3. June 2010

Out latest game "Know How 2 HD" for the Apple iPad is now available in the App store! Know How 2 offers 360 mind-boggling puzzles and great 3D graphics.
  30. April 2010

Bitfield has been awarded the Deutschen Computerspielpreis (German Computer Game Award) for the game "Giana Sisters DS" in the category "Best Mobile Game". We are very happy and incredibly proud - many thanks to the jury and of course to the whole development team!
  24. March 2010

Our game "Giana Sisters DS" has been nominated for the Deutschen Computerspielpreis (German Computer Game Award) in the category "Best Mobile Game". The award is given by the business associations BIU e.V., BVDW e.V. and G.A.M.E. e.V. together with the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media. The winners will be announced on April 29th during the Deutschen Gamestage in Berlin.
  15. December 2009

We will be present at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco March 9 through 13 2010. Bitfield will be part of the German Pavilion in the South Hall. Please send your meeting requests to contact@bitfield.de
  1. December 2009

Our game "Giana Sisters DS" has won the German Game Developer Award 2009 in the category "Best Children's Game". A big Thank You to everyone who has made this possible! www.deutscher-entwicklerpreis.de
  5. November 2009

We will be at the Game Connection in Lyon December 7 though 10 2009 with our own booth. (www.game-connection.com) The best way to send meeting requests is through the Extranet of the Game Connection.
  18. October 2009

The current issue of the German Making Games Magazin contains an article by us in which we talk a little bit about the development process of Giana Sisters DS. www.makinggames.de
  21. September 2009

We will be visiting the Tokyo Game Show again this year. (tgs.cesa.or.jp/english) If you would like to meet us there please write to contact@bitfield.de
  1. June 2009

This year the GamesCom in Cologne will take place for the first time. (www.gamescom-cologne.com) We will of course be there at the show as well as at the GDC Europe developers conference in the forefront. Meeting requests can be sent to contact@bitfield.de
  31. March 2009

At the quo vadis developer conference from April 21 to 23 in Berlin, we will give an insight into the technology behind Giana Sisters DS. Detailed information can be found here www.die-entwicklerkonferenz.de.
  23. Februar 2009

We will be presenting BitEngineDS at the professional convention of the Munich Gaming. Title of the panel: "Hottest new Middleware". The Munich Gaming takes place April 1-3 in Munich, Germany. More information under www.munich-gaming.com
  23. Februar 2009

Our latest game "Giana Sisters DS" can already be preordered on Amazon!
  6. February 2009

We will be attending the Nintendo Technical Conferences in North America and Europe and will be presenting our BitEngineDS middleware there. The conferences are open to all licensed developers. You can meet us in the tools table area, where we give insights into our middleware, present BitEngineDS-based games and provide an outlook on upcoming features of our technology. To schedule an appointment please email to engine@bitfield.de.
  1. December 2008

Know How - Think and Play Outside the Box" has hit the stores! "Know How" was designed and developed by Bitfield and is available for PC and Nintendo DS. Versions for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch! have also been released.